An ANNUAL  GENERAL  MEETING  ?  Under the current Constitution the EBCS National Board (and/or a minimum of 150 individual members) have the power to call meetings of members to enable the debating of key issues, as they may deem necessary. No binding decisions can be made at General Meetings but resolutions may be agreed which.. read more →

Proposed Revised EBCS CONSTITUTION – VIEWS OF THE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP  A Special General Meeting (SGM) has been called for the 7th September 2014 in order to agree the implementation of an amended CONSTITUTION – click DRAFT Constitution 19052014 for word version, click DRAFT Constitution 19052014 for pdf version. The proposed amended CONSTITUTION will clearly be subject to ratification.. read more →

EBCS – Proposed amended CONSTITUTION Sincere thanks are offered to the sundry individual members and county and other bowling associations who forwarded comments and suggestions on the initial draft which was available on the EBCS  website for ‘consultation purposes’ during the month of June 2014. Various of the items received have now  been incorporated within.. read more →

Appointment of English Bowls Coaches Society Chairman and Vice Chairman  Sundry representations have been received from the membership to the effect that the appointment of a Chairman and Vice Chairman by election would not best serve the general interests of the EBCS at this point in time. It is intended that an amended Constitution will.. read more →

Draft  REVISED  EBCS  CONSTITUTION A first DRAFT amended CONSTITUTION has now been finalised for the consideration of all member coaches. As amended it would enable a more democratic Society to function. ALL member coaches would have a far more direct say when decisions are taken with regard to the future wellbeing and standing of bowls.. read more →

02 Aug 2013
August 2, 2013

New Level One and Two Manual


The Level One and Two Manual has now been revised and rewritten and (following requests) is available to order on the merchandise form (click Merchandise_Order_Form_2d) for all currently registered EBCS coaches and trainers (previously made available as a pdf). Many thanks to all those past and present whose material and advice is contained in these pages. We acknowledge.. read more →

In its early days the EBCS came to the decision that it would require its coaches to focus on the delivery style best suited to a player: in other words adopt the principle that there could be a variety of methods of delivering a bowl successfully. Players are individuals, they come in a variety of.. read more →

Over the past few years I have received comments from coaches and players regarding the retention of members particularly in smaller clubs. A common factor appears to be the attitude of what are termed ‘Aggressive Skips’. The frequency of these comments leads me to believe this is an area that requires considerable thought and possible.. read more →

Hertfordshire Bowls Coaching SocietyIdentification and Remedying of Delivery Faults in BeginnersPrepared by Alan Warren …27th December 2008 “A sound delivery is the foundation on which every good bowler is built” The new beginner can hardly be expected to know whether their developing technique is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Unless errors are checked and corrected at the.. read more →

Remember you are the role model – your pupils will copy you Learn your pupil’s first names – even if you have to use sticky labels Preparation for each session is VITAL Make sure you are conversant with the relevant laws of the game Rink Markers and relevant rink measurements e.g. Minimum Jack length marker.. read more →