Do I need coaching?

“I always play a bit heavy indoors”
“I always play a bit narrow on that hand. I think it’s the bowls I play with”
“I hate it when they bring the mat right up. I just go to pieces”
“I’ll be alright after the first couple of weeks of indoor. It normally takes me at about that time to adjust from outdoor”
“And of course it rained, and I just can’t play in the rain”


Do you recognise these comments?
Have you heard them and comments like them many times?
Have you ever found yourself saying any of them, either out loud or in your mind?

A player said that it doesn’t matter what the game is he starts to get “butterflies” starting around lunch time. It’s excitement and anticipation.


Do you get like that or do you actually start to dread playing in some matches?
Do you actually dislike playing with certain club colleagues or, in particular, certain club Skips because you know there’s a weak spot in your game that they may criticise?
Is it bad enough to make you not want to play in that match?


Ask yourself if you would like a little help to manage these situations.
Nobody can make you a Champion but maybe it would be nice to have just a few “Well Played” comments now and again in your next Club friendly?


How can the EBCS help?

The EBCS Coaches can provide the basic KNOWLEDGE, which can be converted into SKILL by the player



A Coach can help a player to analyse why the bowl will not go where it was meant to go consistently.
This could make the difference between frustration and success.


Through using the knowledge gained the coach can start the player on the road to success by developing the skill levels and providing purposeful practices to maintain them.


  • Can’t play a good forehand drawing shot?
  • Only ever play backhand and have done so for years?
  • Dread being asked to play a running or firing shot?
  • Used to be deadly accurate when firing but not lately?

A Coach can help.


Each individual is different and a Coach can help with all aspects of the game as individuals develop their skills and knowledge.


You need to make the first move by contacting a qualified Coach