03 Mar 2017
March 3, 2017

John Dickenson – a gentle giant


The officers of the committee are sad to announce that our Chairman John Dickenson died today (3 March) at about 5.15pm at Peterborough Hospital.
John was a gentle giant, quietly spoken, but firm with it.  While he was very even-handed, he would listen to all sides of the argument and then when he spoke his thoughts and mind, all listened with respect.

He originally took on the registrar role many years ago and handed very efficiently the registration of coaches, updates and ensured that all documents were posted out to all.  He only relinquished the post when diagnosed with cancer and his health meant that he felt that he could no longer do justice to the role.  Since then he has suffered from several long stays in hospital and recently has been in long term since last August.  Even though confined in hospital, with resulting reduction in stamina, his smiling eyes and quiet, considered remarks were there until the end.

He not only was good bowler, but was also had senior office in the English Bowling Federation and was their Chairman until fairly recently.  He always tried to attend EBF finals at Skegness, and attend EBF indoor finals and also was a regular attendee (along with his dear wife Mary) at EBF Potters events until recently, even if he could not bowl.

This gentle giant of a man will be very sadly missed by all his friends, all his acquaintance and all who met him

As and when funeral arrangements are made, these will be posted.  All our thoughts go out to Mary and his family

6 Responses to John Dickenson – a gentle giant
  1. I have known John from when I became Country Coach for Wiltshire in. 2007. John always helped me out, when ever I needed help. I shall miss him. Now live in Hangs. My sympathy goes out to his family. God bless you all..

    • I echo that – have had quote a few messages which I have passed on to Mary. Just posting the details of funeral on web-site and circulate to those who wished to know more. I will miss John very much – he was the sort who when he spoke there were few wasted words and boy could he control a meeting and seek balance.

  2. I would like to say a huge big thank you to all the people who have sent there condolences, he was a great man and a pure gentleman and I am so proud to have been his wife. I will love and miss him very much x


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