Patron’s Foreword

Patron’s Foreword

Honorary Patron

John N. Bell

English Bowls Performance Director for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, former World Champion and Honorary Member of Bowls England.

John Bell – Honorary Patron
Bowls is a sport that is thankfully enjoyed by nearly a quarter of a million people in England. Whether it is played at a competitve level or social level it is, by its very nature, a highly skilled game. The basic objective involved – essentially getting the bowls close to the jack – is a simple one. Yet the achievement of that objective is very much dependent on learning, adopting and adjusting to the correct techniques and practices required.In this respect, the English Bowls Coaching Scheme is totally dedicated to providing the best opportunity for bowlers to learn and improve their game so they may enjoy and play it to the best of their ability. The Scheme now has over 2700 dedicated coaches at the disposal of our sport to coach, advise and help bowlers at all levels.The future success of any sport is usually defined by its ability to develop and prosper in terms of improving its standard of performance and the continued recruitment of participants. The EBCS is both committed to, and capable of, making a significant contribution to both these key aspects.

I wish the English Bowls Coaching Scheme continued success in both raising the profile of the valuable “product” it has to offer and enhancing the very necessary coaching function within our great game of bowls.