Become a Coach

Why Do You Want To Do It ?

Be Very Certain You Know the Honest Answer to That Question

The reasons many people wish to become coaches vary tremendously.

There are those who feel that their playing days are coming to an end and they want to put something back into the game.

Others state that because they have been bowling for many years they should be able to teach others.

The first is noteworthy the second may simply not be true.

Think hard and answer these questions honestly before you go much further.

  1. Do you want another badge for your collection or a certificate to hang on the club wall?
  2. Do you believe it will give you some form of kudos or status ?
  3. Do you genuinely have an interest in working with other people?
  4. Is it going be a high priority or just something else to fit into your already busy diary?
  5. Do you only want to coach at your own club and not travel?
  6. Are you fit enough to “handle” a group of yong bowlers for two hours or more?

EBCS Coaches are all volunteers, though expenses may be paid.

Relationships with club mates and friends can change when coaching on the green.

“Who do you think you are?”

“You are not that great a bowler.”

“What makes you think you can coach?”

Remember “A prophet is not always recognised in their own land”

The EBCS is able to give knowledge and assist in building coaching skills but the individual must have the Desire, Commitment,  Determination, Good Humour and a Thirst for Knowledge.

The Levels of coaches within the EBCS are:

Level 1

Following successful completion of this  Award individuals can  work unsupervised.

When working with Children or Vulnerable Adults on a regular and frequent basis coaches are recommended to have obtained a CRB enhanced Disclosure certificate.

Level 2

Once an individual has successfully completed the Level Two Award they are able to provide coaching courses suitable for players wishing to develop their skills

Level 3

At this Level you will be involved not only in coaching players but may also be asked to assist in the training of Level 1 and Level 2 candidates.


The EBCS will endeavour to help everyone to move up the ladder.