EBCS GCSE Certificate Bowls

From September 2007, it has become possible for Bowls to be included as a sport within the PE Syllabus.


The easy one is that where an extra curricular sport is required, Bowls can be an acceptable option provided the Schools are following a syllabus where it is alongside the definition of their sport course – e.g. if invasive sports (football, basketball, hockey, rugby) are the core this may not be the case.

To complete this unit, coaches will be required to provide factual evidence of a curriculum vitae for the player, clearly showing a standard of play over a period of time (years not weeks or days) to support the statement just as course work supports other studies. This means that Coaches and Junior Organisers must keep good clear records for all their young players FROM THE DAY THEY START. The standards must be equitable across all sports too.

The other one depends on the particular examining board – not the school.

Not all Examining Boards have moved towards the skills requirements for Bowls to sit alongside the other already accepted curriculum sports at that level. This can be a problem and it really depends on the Examining Body. Some are currently looking at this aspect to ensure that other sports can fit their skills assessment criteria alongside the established sports.

Speak with the School for their particular Board requirements.

In time it will all work out, but like all new things patience is needed to get all the rules and regulations in place that match those currently included. It is not as simple as one would think. It is very early days yet since the agreement was announced.


Advanced Skills in structured play to enable candidates to perform in the context of assessment.

GRIPS, Size, Weight, Bias, Make, Colour, Date stamp requirements of bowls


Backhand and forehand delivery

Draw, resting, resting out, jack trail, making use of adjacent bowls, follow through shot, fire or drive, block or stopper, toucher on the green, toucher in the ditch

Placing the mat and restriction

Delivery of the jack, Legal/illegal jack, Legal/ illegal Bowl

Application of advanced skills in a situation providing the basis of the assessment of the individual

Speed of the green and its effect on bias

Type of Game - Singles/ Pairs/ Triples/ Rink

Role of the Lead/ No 2 No 3/ Skip

Possession of the Mat

Build, Develop, and Protect the head

Etiquette of play

Laws of the Game and their application

Size restrictions of the Green, Rinks, Ditches, and Banks

Protection of the Green surfaces

Marking and Measuring, Scoring, Umpiring, Understanding the Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Mark Band Games Activity – Bowling

Demonstrate correct technique for a consistent delivery, and show the ability to accurately deliver the full range of shots available. Bowl's delivery to be played with confidence and accuracy.

Excellent awareness and ability to determine the correct shots and deliveries to play to build a winning head.

Able to demonstrate significant control over the development of the head as would be required by a rink skip and shows tactical awareness as the game develops.

A very accomplished player, and an accomplished tactician able to use the strengths and weaknesses of team members in pairs, triples, and rink games to develop a winning result, with the added ability to respect the skip's direction.

Demonstrate a good standard of ability to perform the full range of bowl deliveries with good accuracy and consistency.

Ability under pressure to retain the technique for a good standard of delivery of bowls.

Good awareness of the tactical principles necessary for the development of a winning head and game.

An able team player with the ability to play the full variety of shots as and when required.

Demonstrate a competent standard of ability to perform the full range of delivery of bowls.

Retains a reasonable consistency of delivery under pressure.

A competent appreciation of the tactical principles of the game to understand the delivery requirements needed in the development of the head.

Shows a reasonable technique and ability to perform the full range of delivery of bowls.

Retains some consistency under pressure to deliver a required shot.

Shows some appreciation of the tactical principles of the game and has a good understanding of the positional requirements of a delivered bowl.

Has difficulty in performing the full range of delivery of bowl.

Able to deliver a forehand and backhand shot but without accuracy or consistency.

Has dificulty comprehending the tactical requirements of a bowl's position in the building of the head.

Participation in games is minimal.

Needs guidance before making a delivery.

Is unsure of what constitutes a winning delivery and has difficulty understanding the scoring system.