The EBCS Teachers Certificate


The course is intended for Teachers who aim to introduce the sport within the school environment. As indicated by Sports Coach UK other adults may be trained if the school feels it is appropriate for their extended curriculum. This will not provide a coaching qualification in itself but merely sufficient knowledge and technique to introduce the sport


A teacher will already have:


The teacher will build on the above background skills and will:

Attend a course of bowls with a minimum of 6 hours (in any combination, eg.2 x 3 hours) on the game

Acquire knowledge of:

The cost will be £50.00 per candidate (payable to the course leader). This is all inclusive of registration with the EBCS, course Certificate, the ‘Coaching for All – Beginners’ manual and club rink fees

There may be additional traveling expenses in particular areas incurred by the local coach that will need to be negotiated with the candidates.(£15 of the course fee will be payable to the EBCS).


Courses may only be commissioned with the express approval of the National Coaching Coordinator Details of course content and the EBCS registration requirements will be forwarded on approval

Duration: 6 Hours (in any combination e.g. 3 X 2 hours etc.).

Tutors: Courses will be tutored by a Level Two or above Coach on the current register of the EBCS.

This course is aimed at primary and secondary teachers, trainee teachers, and adults other than teachers assisting in schools and those sports development officers working in the community. It aims to provide participates with the necessary knowledge and skills to introduce and teach the basic skills of the sport to young people. Will include the basic knowledge and techniques required to play the sport and also receive information regarding local clubs and facilities

Qualification: EBCS Teachers Certificate

Entry Level: This course is suitable for teachers, or adults other than teachers and sports development officers working in the community with no previous experience of the sport of bowls.

Practical – Theory ratio: 70% - 30%

Assessment: Continuous assessment.

Additional information:

Participants should wear appropriate clothing and footwear (trainers) for practical work. Bring a note book pen and pencil. The cost payable to the EBCS for the Teachers Certificate Course is £15.00 including the EBCS Coaching for All – Beginners Manual.


Venue, equipment, and facilities required on the day:

Facilities Needed to Run the Course:

Administration and Roles: