Rules & Regulations & EBCS Privacy Policy

A.  Rules and Regulations

1. Membership

1.1 Registration

Membership for first registration as a Licensed Coach must be made on the official form following satisfactory completion of the examination of competence at Level 1. Completed forms shall be forwarded to the EBCS Secretary with the appropriate fee for onward transmission to the EBCS Registrar.

Thereafter the licence registration is due annually by the 1st October. The fee shall be determined by the National Bowls Coaching Board ( hereinafter called the National Board ).

1.2 Certificate of Competence

Except when working under the supervision of a coach licensed at a higher level all registered licensed coaches shall work within the level of competence signified by their certificate.

1.3 Code of Conduct

All licensed coaches shall comply with the Sports Coach UK Code of Ethics as published from time to time. Those coaching children , vulnerable adults and others must follow the Code of Conduct, policy and guidelines published in the current Coaching Manuals and Syllabi.

1.4 Protection of children and vulnerable adults

Licensed coaches working with children and vulnerable adults MUST have attended a recognised Child Protection (CP) awareness course and hold an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate issued by the Criminal Records Bureau / Disclosure and Barring Service  (CRB / DBS). CP and EBCS guidelines MUST be followed and written parental consent obtained at all times.

1.5 Coaching Diary

Licensed coaches MUST keep a record of all coaching sessions conducted and training undertaken at courses or seminars. This record shall form part of the evidence to be offered by those wishing to progress to a higher level of qualification.

1.6 Uniform

Licensed Coaches should ensure that they are properly dressed at all times.

2. Discipline

All complaints made against a coach shall be recorded and reported to the EBCS Secretary for investigation as soon as possible. If the complaint relates to behaviour or work with children, the disabled, or other vulnerable people, the coach shall be suspended and the recommended Child Protection Procedures followed.

In all cases the EBCS Disciplinary Procedure must be followed.

3. Training and Education

3.1 Standards

The training of coaches at each level shall be in accordance with the syllabus and guidelines approved by the National Board. Only coaches designated by the National Board are able to train and assess

3.2 Seminars and Workshops

Training groups of coaches or players should be undertaken through programmed seminars or workshops.

4. National Board

4.1 Seven members (maximum) – all to be licensed coaches.

4.2  Powers of co-option.

4.3 Responsibilities to be designated by Board.

4.4  Elections to be held in October 2016 and subsequently every two years in October.

5 General Meetings

5.1 To be called by (i) the National Board or (ii) a minimum of 150 individual members.

5.2  21 days notice of meetings to be given.

5.3   Resolutions

Can be agreed which will then be subject to the vote of all individual members.

6 Finances

6.1  Financial year to 31st March.

6.2 National Board responsible for appointment of an independent examiner of the financial statements.


B.  EBCS Privacy Policy of the English Bowls Coaches Society

1. The Personal Data of a member will only be used by EBCS for the purpose of contacting that member and supplying them with the paperwork on joining or documentation when renewing or upgrading.

2. The Personal Data of any member who does not renew her/his membership will be deleted from EBCS’s records as soon as possible after we have become aware that she/he has decided to retire/ is deceased. Lapsed members after a year will be deleted from our records.

3. If an email is in the nature of a circular to a group of members, all those members will be blind copied and not open copied.

4. Except as described above, no Personal Data of any member will be disclosed by EBCS to anyone (even another member) without the express consent of that member.

5. EBCS will not use Personal Data which it holds except for the purpose of the society’s activities.

6. On the request of a member EBCS will provide to her/him full details of the Personal Data held about her/him.

7. All members will be made aware of this Privacy Policy and a copy provided to any member on her/his request and posted on the society web-site